Gogetit Investments Ltd is looking for young, energetic and self-motivated people would require extra income this 2023 to partner on a nationwide project beginning this January 2023. Successful candidates can work anywhere in Nigeria that is convenient for them.

Who Can Apply?
Students, NYSC members, graduates, self-employed persons, under-employed and everyone that is not satisfied with their earnings presently should apply. The role is also available for part-time workers who are seeking additional income this 2023.

Job Specification
Data Collection/Field Agents

Job Description

• Enlightening people about the project as well as collect personal and bio data of prospective users

• Submission of reports on data collection and app downloads/activation activities.

• Data collection agents will be expected to sensitize people on the benefits of the project.

• help people to download and activate the app.

• Get merchants and customers to enroll on the app and educate them on how to use app

• Collect data of prospective users who do not have smart phone for activation.

Job Location:

Remote Job and anywhere you live.

Qualification/SKILLs REQUIRED

• Educational Qualification is not a criterion but the job requires interested applicants to possess basic computer skills most especially Microsoft Office Excel proficiency.

• Ability to use the Internet effectively.

• Ability to read and write in English

• Good communication and inter-personal relationship skills

• Self-motivated individuals.

Remuneration will be performance based and highly attractive.

Method of Application:
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Orkuma Hembe


While staying at home, please enjoy this masterpiece from the CEO Orkuma Hembe.

The journey towards success is not a marathon, neither is it a competition nor a race to out do each other. It is about self fulfillment which derives from helping others reach their goals by sowing seeds that benefit humanity.

How do you define your own success? I define it on my own terms.

For me, it is having a God whose grace sustains me in spite of my weaknesses, a roof over my head, family that loves me and children who call me daddy.
The aforementioned add up to what makes the whole cycle complete for me.

On my success list, money comes last, since it adds the least value to the entire equation.

Life is about significance and legacy and money is just one of many ingredients that contribute to leading a successful life.
Sure, it provides the oxygen, security and avails us with options.

Money becomes absolutely useless if it’s availability doesn’t set the stage for others to reach their own potentials.


If your answer is yes, then, here are 10 steps you need to take;

1. Decide – making a decision to be successful is the primary responsibility of every being, deciding not to decide is one of the greatest obstacles to becoming successful.

Make a decision today and be determined to follow through.

One of my favorite quotes on decision making reads thus; “if my destiny would be determined through my determination, then I must be determined to determine my destiny”.
Life is a WAR and we are all called to be conquerors. Decide today either to fight, or be trampled upon.

2. Find Yourself- where is that little child in you, who once believed in a life without limits.

That boy, that girl who once knew that he/she could live life in full achieve, attain and sustain every goal he/she set out to pursue.

That child who once built castles in wet sands after the rains or on the beach; that lad who once saved a little birds life and returned it to its mothers nest, that child who wanted to become one of the worlds greatest musician, sportsman, designer, president etc all at once.

Find him/her and reconnect again for he/she still holds the keys to your future.

3. know Yourself – what are your strengths? Develop the. What are your weaknesses? Don’t focus on them

4. Find a Purpose – Why do you insist on being alive, what reason do you have to insist on being alive?
What product or service do you have for the worlds market place?
Money is a reward you get for the value you bring; what value are you adding or bringing to the market square?

5. Have an idea , a dream, or a plan for even the holy books insist “I will bless the works of your hands “

6. Find a Team – The success journey is a long and lonely road, you can’t travel it alone, you need partners, you need a formidable TEAM

7. Develop a Strategy – Your team will help you develop one. No battle can ever be won without a good strategy.

8.Focus on achievement not on affirmation – Keep your eyes on the ball always, what others think or say about you or your dream is none of your business . Make personal development your priority

9. Get rid of excuses- unsuccessful people pride themselves with blaming everyone else except themselves. No man ever made it far on the success journey making excuses. Everyone and everything is responsible for their predicament except themselves, the economy, family, friends, government, technology, education etc.

10. Be consistent – The life of man is in two phases, in the 1st phase we are moved by instinct to try our hands on everything.
In the 2nd phase it is time to focus on one thing and one thing only. Stick to it through thick and thin.

Team Gogetit

Join TEAM Gogetit Today

The Entrepreneurs Most Reliable partner

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Training participants



The much anticipated Gogetit Training on Small Business Management in respect to the CBN AGSMEIS loan currently handled by NIRSAL Micro finance bank is here. Team Gogetit will begin their special training session in Makurdi, Benue State Capital on Monday, 16th March 2020 through 21st March, 2020.

According to the CEO/MD of Gogetit, Orkuma Hembe, the SME training is focused on exposing participants to the best business management practices including book keeping, marketing strategies, digital marketing as well as certify them for the NIRSAL AGSMEIS loan scheme currently ongoing. The MD who is confident Makurdi outing will be a huge success encouraged all Benue residents to take advantage of Team Gogetit to “join emerging Entrepreneurs sponsored by the NIRSAL Micro Finance bank”.


Take advantage of this great opportunity to join a team of emerging Entrepreneurs sponsored by the NIRSAL micro finance bank.
Enroll today for the Makurdi Special training edition starting March 16th to March 21st 2020.
Training fee is N10,000 only payable to the following account details.
ACCOUNT NAME: Gogetit Investments LIMITED
Account number: 0250113012
NIRSAL micro finance bank is located inside the Nigerian post office new Garage area.
Please make sure you present your payment teller at the training Venue for your documentation.
Admission is strictly on first come first serve basis. Your payment validates your reservation.
Limited seats are available for Batch A trainees.
Some participants at SME Training session, Abuja

The CBN AGSMEIS LOAN is an initiative of CBN courtesy of the Banker’s Committee of Nigeria to support Government’s efforts in curbing unemployment by empowering the Agric and SME’s which has been identified as the major vehicle for employment in Nigeria. Since Inception, NIRSAL has already disbursed over N1.9B to Entrepreneurs and this is still ongoing.

Hurry now, get trained, apply and access upto N10million collateral free AGSMEIS loan for your business.

Join TEAM Gogetit today
The Entrepreneurs most reliable partner

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Gogetit Training


The Agric-Business/ Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS) is a voluntary initiative of the Bankers committee of Nigeria approved at 331st meeting held on 9th February, 2017. The scheme requires all banks in Nigeria to set aside 5% of their annual profit after tax (PAT) annually.

You can access upto N10m to fund your business or N5m for startup through NIRSAL MFB.

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Gogetit is an EDI duly accredited by CBN/NIRSAL Microfinance Bank to train and certify entrepreneurs who wants to access the AGSMEIS loan facility of upto 10 million naira.

We are are the Entrepreneur’s most reliable partner.

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