Senior Executive Leadership Programmes (SELP)

The Senior Executive Leadership Programme (SELP) are programmes specifically designed for experienced leaders who hold key decision-making roles and are responsible for shaping the future direction of their organizations


Communication Skill Development

The Communication Skills course is designed to enhance participants’ ability to effectively communicate in various personal and professional contexts… Learn More

Emotional Intelligence

This essential four days course is fully packed with the aim to develop participants’ emotional intelligence skills to enhance their personal and professional effectiveness….. Learn More

Mastering Public Speaking

The Mastering Public Speaking course is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and techniques necessary to become confident and effective public speakers…Learn More

Sales & Marketing Strategy

The Sales and Marketing Mastery course provides participants with the comprehensive knowledge and skills required to excel in sales and marketing roles… Learn More

Essentials Of Human Resource Mangement

The Human Resource Management Essentials course provides a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles and practices of human resource management (HRM)…Learn More

Human Resource Management

Transform knowledge into impact and drive innovation and change in your organization with Stanford LEAD, our flagship online business program… Learn More

Packaging and Product Branding

The Packaging and Product Branding course explores the importance of effective packaging and branding strategies in capturing consumer attention, communicating brand values, and influencing purchasing decisions…. Learn More